Our House, Inc.

We believe in Miracles!




 A world free of interpersonal violence



To lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic

 violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention,

prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in

rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of

interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the

psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.

Our House, Inc.

New Beginning to Violence Free Living

A place of healing, ministry & hope

1-662-332-LOVE (5683) or 1-833-279-LOVE (5683)

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662-334-6873 office line, 662-334-6875 fax line, 662-332-LOVE(5683) Crisis  Helpine local, 1-833-279-LOVE(5683) Crisis Toll Free Helpline

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