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Memories of our Soaring into the Future Conference on August 8-14, 2019

Highlights from the Conference,

Phone-Videographer: Makayla N. Morris

Session 1:  PTSD Signs of Trauma -Presenter Adrianne Casteele, Part 1, 2 & 3

Session 2: No Shame No Blame Unmasking the Impact of DV on Children

Presenter: Dr. J.R.Thicklin, part 1 - 4

Session 3: To End DV Begins with the Perpetrator

Presenters: Jennifer King and Bridge O'Neal Vinson, Part 1-5

Session 4: Five Stages of Healing, Presenter: Dr. Oliver Williams, part 1-4

Session 5:  Viewing Interpersonal Violence through the Lenses of LGBTQ

Presenter: Dr. Sharon Davis

Session 6: Working with Older Adults, Presenter: Traci Jackson Antoine, part 1 & 2

Session 7: Promising Practice and Healing Pathways for Victims

Presenter: Dr. LaDonna M. Combs, Part 1 & 2

Session 8: Interpersonal Violence Among South African Women

Presenter: Elizabeth Petersen, part 1-4

Session 9: What's Faith Got to Do With It, Presenter: J.R. Thicklin, part 1 & 2

Finale: Session 10: Understanding the "IT" in the Lives of Survivors

Presenter: Dr./Bishop Roderick Mitchell, part 1 & 2

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