"Becky "

Our Favorite Employee

Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport, Executive Director

Has over 33 years experience providing prevention and intervention services

Email: ourhouse@ourhousenewbirth.com

Doris Lee, Victim Service Specialist

Has over 35 years of experiences working with youth. She is currently works with our Y.E.S. Program, New Begining Shelter and Abel's Homicide Surviorors Program as an Advocate for Healing.

Email: dorislee@ourhousenewbirth.com

Felecia Thomas, Healthy Relationship Director

Has over 20 years experience in educating and training faith leaders, social workers, law enforcement officials, youth and community leaders.

Email: ft@ourhousenewbirth.com

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Yvette Garner, Financial Officer

Has over 22 years of financial accounting experience with federal, state and local dollars.

Email:  yrg@ourhousenewbirth.com

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Pastor Stanford Johnson

Has over 30 years working with fathers, youth and families expressing wholeness and wellness as key component in maintaining healthy relationships.


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